The CIS strikes at the Republics Main training ground of Kamino. Despite massive clone casualties and destruction of many training facilities, the Republic remain victorious. Republic Attack Battalion 203 "The Unvanquished" and , remain the most undamaged from this battle, with Epsilon squad succeeding in a valuable mission,  preventing further Republic Casualties. For their bravery and success they have been awarded the Medal of Valor, and reassigned along with Spider Squad, a team of engineers, to a garrison on the world of Yag'Dul, a recently defected world from the Confederency of Independent Systems. The clones are given a further 3 days off and are ordered to report to Jedi Knight Aayla Secura for briefing aboard the Defiance Of Fate stationed above Yag'Dul.

Meanwhile on Yag'dul as the new government begins to settle down, outbursts of rebellion are flaring across the newly claimed planet, sparking tensions between the seemingly abusive government and its populace. 

How will epsilon deal with a new environment, one filled without safety nets and familiar comforts……

Star Wars The Clone Wars : Epsilon Squad

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